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Attention Missionaries:

If you are looking for support and you would like to come present your work to Holy Hills Baptist Church for consideration, you must first fill out the following questionnaire.  You can print the questions and mail them or email them to jeremywb@cableone.net

Missionary Questionnaire

1. Please give a brief testimony of your salvation and call to the ministry.


2. What church are you a member? ___________________________________________

Pastor Name & Phone Number___________________________________________

3. Are you sent by your home church or a mission board ?_________________________

If you work through a mission board, do they hold out a percent of your support for operational expenses?______________ What percent?______________

4. What type of ministry are you in? Jail, Children, Church Building, ect. ________________________________________________________________________

5. Are you a pastor? _______________ Do you plan on staying on as pastor or turning it over to national if the Lord provides?__________________________________________

6. What do you believe about each of the 5 points of Calvinism?




7. What is your step by step method of leading someone to Christ?

8. What is the inspired Word of God?

Do you, in some cases, correct the English with the Greek. __________________

What version of the Bible do you use?___________________________________





9. What do you believe about I Cor. 12:13? 





10. Do you consider yourself a dispensationalist?_______________________________

Please explain: