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Preaching the BOOK, the BLOOD, and the BLESSED HOPE!

Dyersburg's Home For Old Time Religion

Holy Hills Baptist Church & Bro. John Dillinger are planting a new church in Northeast AR

Where Old Time Religion Is Not A Thing Of The Past

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    Jimmy Carter's War Against the Jews  Islam: What The West Needs To Know

A 17-minute VIDEO that will help you to know 100% for sure that Heaven will be your eternal home:

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We are thankful for those that come in on our buses. We pray that God would continue to touch this ministry and bless us with a greater ministry than ever before. If you would like to receive a ride to Church please give us a call Bro. Jerry King @ (731) 345-1423  Or Bro. Jason Stewart (731) 445-8606



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Caught Up or Left Behind?

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Wounded for our Transgressions (Bro. John)


Bible Numbers Rightly Divided I (Bro. John)


Bible Numbers Rightly Divided II

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What Kind of Church

Are We?

For purposes of identification, HOLY HILLS  BAPTIST CHURCH shall be known as a Fundamental, Independent, Bible-believing, Baptist Church. We are Fundamental because we hold to the literal interpretation of the Scriptures; we are Independent because we are self-governing and self-supporting, and are not subject to any outside authority, governmental or ecclesiastical; we are Bible-believing because we accept only the Authorized King James Version of the Scriptures as the word of God for the English-speaking people; we are Baptist because we hold to the historic positions and distinctive doctrines that distinguish us from both Protestantism & Catholicism. 





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